Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try Ad+Value?
We offer advertising spaces at lowest cost, you will have the opportunity of being seen and to attract customers to your site without having to pay for number of impressions or click.

What are the technical requirements for using Ad+Value?
You are not limited to a specific software or operating system, but to take full advantage of Ad+Value features, we recommend installing the latest browser.

How do I reach an Ad+Value representative?
We ask that you use our online contact form to reach us. A client service representative will then personally and promptly respond to your message via email and answer any questions that you may have.

How to choose Keywords?
Select keywords that will best target your ad to searchers.

Note: It is important that you submit keywords that are relevant to the products and services that you offer on your site and that you avoid general keywords. When creating your keyword list, ask yourself: 'If I were searching on search engines for my products/services, what search terms would I enter?' Users are much more likely to type in 2 to 3 word combinations to find a product or service.
Your keywords will be inserted in the metatags lines of the pages in which your ad will be part of the first four. In such a way they will be indexed by our inner search engine and by the main search engines.

How many advertising space should I buy?
You can buy all the spaces you need starting from 1. In the choice of the number,you shuold also considered that all the free spaces are shared for free, in proportion to the spaces bought.

Allocation of 1000 advertising spaces among 15 customers.

Purchased spaces
Published spaces
Customer A
Customer B
Customer C
Customer D
Customer E
Customer F
Customer G
Customer H
Customer I
Customer J
Customer K
Customer L
Customer M
Customer N
Customer O

How many month should I choose for my campaign?
You can choose the number of month you prefer. The campaign must last 3 month at least.

What are my payment options?
Standard Production accepts payment by credit card and debit card via PayPal ( and bank transfer. The total amount is expressed in US Dollars (US$) but you can choose between the currencies previewed by PayPal.
Your ads will be on line within three work days from the receipt of payment and the approval of your ad.

How do I make a bank transfer payment?
After your request for bank transfer, you will receive an email with all the indications for your bank. Once we receive your transfer, we will send you an email with a confirmation and your announcements will begin to be published.
Bank trasfer could take up to 30 days. This period depends on your bank.

The bank could debit a cost to you for the operation, in addition to the sended amount to Standard Production. Standard Production does not refund the bank commission. If your bank debits you a cost for the operation or it is not in a position to completing the transaction, another local bank could offer more favorable options.

Can I switch my currency after the firt payment?
Yes, in the measure previewed from the PayPal service.

What if my payment is declined?
When we have a problem charging you, we suspend your campaign.

Can I obtain a refund for my remaining prepaid balance?
If you made a payment for the AD+Value ads, you can ask via mail a refund of the total amount related to the monthly fees starting from the month next to the request

After your request, we process your refund and it could take up to 5 working days. Subsequently, we start the refund procedure and we send a confirmation email to you. 2 weeks can pass before receiving the refund.

Can I have an invoice?
Yes, it must be requested during the registration to the Ad+Value program.

How secure is my payment information?
We understand that making an advertising purchase online involves a great deal of trust on your part. We take this trust very seriously and we make the security and confidentiality of your information our highest priority.
Standard Production make use of the experience and the professionality of PayPal to protect your credit card data and other personal information. The information you provide will be used solely for the purpose for which it was provided.

What are the requirements and general guidelines for my Ad+Value ads?
Standard Production developed a series of guidelines geared towards promoting a great user experience. A happy user means repeated business for advertisers, so take a look at the resources below and make sure your ads and web sites are in line with what we use to evaluate your ads.
If an ad does not meet our Editorial Guidelines or content policy, we will stop your ad from running.

What are the format and editorial requirements for image ads?
Content: In general, you must use high-quality, family-safe images that are relevant to your advertised concepts and products. We strongly recommend that you also include some descriptive text and a call to action to reinforce your ad's message.

Format: All images must be in a .JPEG or .GIF format. Animated .gif images are accepted.

Size: Choose from two standard ad sizes: Banner (468 x 60 pixels) and Button (125 x 125). Please note that we may resize your image.

What are the editorial guidelines for animated ads?
Animated ads must follow all the editorial guidelines for standard image ads. In addition, the following guidelines apply:

- Strobing or distracting ads and flashing backgrounds are not allowed.
- Ads which include a game or contest played in order to win prizes or compensation, real or implied, are not allowed.
- Animation must be restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate). Endless loops are not allowed. Ads can loop a maximum of three times.
- 'Trick to click' ads which might confuse the user are not allowed. This includes ads which simulate a cursor arrow moving and clicking on the ad.
- Animation must be confined to the allotted ad space. Ads which expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the web site are not allowed.

All animated ads will be reviewed by Ad+Value representatives. Standard Production is dedicated to providing ads that contribute to a positive user experience, and we may not accept ads related to certain products or services. We reserve the right to exercise discretion regarding the advertising we accept, as noted in our Terms and Conditions.

What is Standard production's trademark policy?
Standard Production takes allegations of trademark infringement very seriously and, as a courtesy, we are happy to investigate matters raised by trademark owners. In addition, our Terms and Conditions with advertisers prohibit intellectual property infringement by advertisers and make it clear that advertisers are responsible for the keywords they choose to generate advertisements and the text that they choose to use in those advertisements.

The trademark owner is not required to be a Standard Production Ad+Value advertiser in order to send a complaint. Please also note that any such investigation will only affect ads served on or by Standard Production.

Why do I need to accept the Ad+Value Terms and Conditions?
As part of our ongoing effort to improve the Standard Production Ad+Value program for advertisers and users, we may periodically update the Ad+Value Terms and Conditions. All Ad+Value advertisers are required to accept these new Terms and Conditions in order to advertise with the Ad+Value program.

You may have received an email from us requesting that you accept our new Terms and Conditions.

Please note that you will have a limited amount of time (generally 30 days from your initial notification) to accept the new program Terms and Conditions; otherwise, we will need to pause your campaign until you have made this change. To avoid interruption of your Ad+Value advertising, we recommend that you accept our new Terms and Conditions as soon as possible.

Why is my ad disapproved? What should I do next?
All Ad+Value ads are reviewed by our support staff to make sure they meet Standard Production's guidelines. Ads may be disapproved for various reasons, including misspellings, inappropriate content, unacceptable phrases like 'Click here,' or other details which can make ads confusing, offensive or ineffective.

When an ad does not meet Standard Production's guidelines, we temporarily block the ad from running and send you an email explaining why. To get the ad running, just make the appropriate edits and resubmitted to us for review.

What if my ads do not meet the guidelines?
We created the Editorial Guidelines to help improve your ad campaigns. If we see that your ads do not follow these guidelines, we will let you know and offer suggestions on how to improve your ads.
Our Ad+Value Specialists review your ads and can help you optimise your campaigns. If your ads do not meet our guidelines we will notify you by email. We will often stop running your ads until you're able to make the necessary changes. As soon as you have made the changes, your ads are resubmitted to us for review.

How does Standard Production handle personal data?
Standard Production is firmly committed to the privacy of our advertisers and users. Standard Production does not collect or track personally identifying information, and does not reveal individual information to third parties.

Will my personal information be shared?
No. The information you provide will only be used by Standard Production, and only in our efforts to serve you better. We will not share your personal information, unless required to resolve a charge dispute or by legal process.

Can I see what my competitors are bidding?
No. We do not reveal individual data for any of our users. Remember that your bid alone does not dictate whether or not your ads will perform.

How much does Ad+Value costs?
You are always in complete control of your advertising budget and goals. If you do not have experience with Ad+Value we suggest you to choose the minimal purchase and verify the performance in the arc of a trimester, if you do not obtain the goals you wished you could increase the number of contemporary ads. It's important to remember that the free ads have great value, such insertions constantly vary because they are conditioned from the behavior of the other customers. You can also improve the quality of your ads creating a more pertinent text and choosing other keywords, using simple techniques such as adding phrases or choosing new and more descriptive keywords.

I have a small advertising budget. Can I obtain good results?
Yes. Ad+Value is studied for small and medium budget. With Ad+Value you do not have to worry about paying for click and/or impressions, you do not have to pay more for most requested keywords, but you can show your site to visitors from all over the world and all search engines that analyze the content of our pages daily.

Where can I find keyword ideas?
The best place to start your keyword search is on your own website. Reading through your web pages will help you identify the key themes and terminology associated with your business or product lines.
Then, take a minute to try to think like your customers (your target audience). What are the terms your customers would use to describe your product or service? Often these colloquialisms are overlooked, yet they are valuable alternatives for your keyword list.

How do I build a more effective keyword list?
When creating your list, think like a customer. What terms would your customers use to describe your products or services? Once you have generated some appropriate keywords, expand your list to include as many relevant variations as possible. Add alternate spellings, plurals and synonyms.

Are keywords case-sensitive?
No. Keywords are matched without regard to upper-case or lower-case letters.

How many keywords can I insert?
You can insert max 5 keywords.

Is the cost of image ads different from the cost of text ads?
No. The cost of image ads is the same of text ads.

Why is there a limit on the file size of my image ad?
We've found that, by implementing a 16k file size limit, the Ad+Value system performs optimally.

How much text can I have in my ads?
Ads can contain (including spaces):
28 characters for the title
128 characters for the description
35 characters for a Display URL.

If your Display URL is longer than 32 characters, you may consider using a shortened version of your URL, such as your homepage. Please be sure that your Display URL accurately represents your Destination URL, the page within your site to which users are taken via your ad.

In addition, please note that your Display URL must be an actual web address, appearing in the form of a valid URL. It must include the extension (such as .com, .net, .org, etc.). It does not need to include the prefix (such as http:// or www).