What is Ad+Value?

Ad+Value is an on-line advertising program based on textual and graphic links placed on well known and verified sites. These sites daily receive thousands of visits from all over the the world. We manage more than 600,000 pages.

The cost for one month link is 1 dollar. The price is equal both for text ads and graphical ads. Moreover all the free advertising spaces are shared free of charge and proportionately among all the Ad+Value customers. More spaces you acquire, greater will be the percentage of free announcements receipts. You will take a great advantage from this: you will receive a greater number of impressions, valuing your brand world-wide, and you will increase, free of charge, the number of links to your site with consequent increment of visitors and customers.

Once the period you have chosen finished you will not be bound to Ad+Value. But we are sure that once you have seen the results obtained you will not be able to do without!

You will be able to pay with credit card through PayPal or with a bank transfer.