World Coins - Rare and not - Medals - more than 700 pics
COINS - thousands of coins with more than 700 pics
World Coins - Rare and not - more than 700 pics

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Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia, World.

MEDALS - tens of medals with pics
World Medals - Rare and not

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Sport, Music, Events, Motor, famous Person, Peace, Art ...

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Unidentified coin,
Famous Sentences,
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Music: Stay Inside - the new frontier of the music - free music, rock, lyrics, song, mp3, download, author, rock.
Science: Ing. Gianfranco Magrini - Science, Engineering, Transportation, Tunnels, Tubo del Lago di Como, Footballpoint...
Art: Louis Poyet - un vero maestro dell'arte della moltiplicazione delle immagini per mezzo della stampa.
Computer: Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.
Electronics: Standard Production - Advanced Electronics - Truth Machine, The world Smallest Radio, Mini Table...
Coins: Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.
Design: Homeware - the best of "made in Italy" and much more..., Brands, Designers, Products.
Art: Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.
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