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Lexicon: Fahd - fails

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      Fahd - [ 1 ]
... 2006) head of government: Prime Minister Wael al-HALQI (since 9 August 2012); Deputy Prime Ministers Fahd Jasim al-FURAYJ, Lt. Gen., Walid al-MUALEM cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the ...

      FAHIM - [ 2 ]
... of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid KARZAI (since 7 December 2004); First Vice President Mohammad FAHIM Khan (since 19 November 2009); Second Vice President Abdul Karim KHALILI (since 7 December 2004 ...

      Fahma - [ 1 ]
... Party or DP [Christopher MTIKLA] (unregistered) National Convention for Construction and Reform - Mageuzi or NCCR-M [Hashim RUNGWE] Tanzania Labor Party or TLP [Mutamwega MUGAHWYA] United Democratic Party or UDP [Fahma DOVUTWA

      Fahrenheit - [ 1 ]
... renowned for its white sand beaches; its tropical climate is moderated by constant trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean; the temperature is almost constant at about 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit

      Fahrudin - [ 1 ]
Alliance for a Better Future of BiH or SBB BiH [Fahrudin RADONCIC] Alliance of Independent Social Democrats or SNSD [Milorad DODIK] Bosnian Party or BOSS [Mirnes AJANOVIC] Bosnian Patriotic Party or BPS ...

      Faial - [ 1 ]
Azores subject to severe earthquakes volcanism: limited volcanic activity in the Azores Islands; Fayal or Faial (elev. 1,043 m) last erupted in 1958; most volcanoes have not erupted in centuries; historically active ...

      Faida - [ 1 ]
chief of mission: Ambassador Faida Maramuke MITIFU (since 3 February 2000) chancery: Suite 601, 1726 M Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20036 telephone: [1] (202) 234-7690 through 7691 FAX: [1] (202) 234-2609 consulate ...

      Fail - [ 6 ]
Fianna Fail [Michael MARTIN] Fine Gael [Enda KENNY] Green Party [Eamon RYAN] Labor Party [Eamon GILMORE] New Vision Sinn Fein [Gerry ADAMS] Socialist Party [Joe HIGGINS] The Workers' Party [Michael FINNEGAN] United ...

      failed - [ 42 ]
... presidential election in July 2009, donors have resumed assistance. Oil prospects, while initially promising, have largely failed to materialize, and the government has placed a priority on attracting private investment to spur ...

      Faili - [ 2 ]
... 2012); note - in the 1970s and 1980s under SADDAM Husayn's administration, thousands of Iraq's Faili Kurds, followers of Shia Islam, were stripped of their Iraqi citizenship, had their property seized ...

      failing - [ 6 ]
... so; the government has sustained its modest anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts, opening some investigations but failing to initiate any prosecutions or to formally identify any victims; a government program was launched ...

      fails - [ 8 ]
... age for voluntary military service (18-21 requires parental consent); no conscription; if the number of volunteers fails to meet the quota of recruits for a particular year, Congress can authorize the conscription ...

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L'hypocrite, étant le méchant complet, a en lui les deux pôles de la perversité. Il est d'un côté prêtre, et de l'autre courtisane. Son sexe de démon est double. L'hypocrite est l'épouvantable hermaphrodite du mal.
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