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Nasce il calcolo automatico
Herman Hollerith: il pioniere dell'elaborazione dei dati
Le macchine a schede perforate
I calcolatori elettromeccanici
Il primo calcolatore elettronico della storia

Gli elaboratori della 1a generazione
Gli elaboratori a transistor
La 3a generazione di elaboratori
Gli elaboratori degli anni settanta
Un protagonista del nostro tempo

Nasce il calcolo automatico
Le macchine a schede perforate
Uno strumento nuovo: l'elaboratore elettronico

Gli elaboratori della "1a generazione"
L'espansione dell'automazione
Un protagonista del nostro tempo

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Evolving xxlarge union - thousands of windows on the world - constantly updated - anche in Italiano
Madonna de la Sanitate
1504: i prodigiosi fatti di Tirano. Storia Mito Fede, tre modi di affrontare la vicenda dell'Apparizione della Madonna a Tirano.
Siel Spa - UPS
Energy & Safety is the mission of Siel group, leader in the planning and the production of UPS, STS, CPS.
Bondioli & Pavesi
Leaders in the production of motion transmission components, with full respect to customers, people, suppliers and environment.
Isella Enrico e Figli Srl
Mario Radice
E' facile venire a Ferrara!
Homeware Design

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recapture - [ 1 ]
... Geyser, a drying reef in the Mozambique Channel; in May 2008, African Union forces were called in to assist the Comoros military recapture Anjouan Island from rebels who seized it in 2001

receded - [ 1 ]
... 20% and raised taxes to reduce the budget deficit. As a result of these measures, inflation receded to 6% in 2012. Suriname''s economic prospects for the medium term will depend on ...

receipt - [ 2 ]
... licenses were sold in 2004, though a dispute over licensing with Nigeria delayed the country''s receipt of more than $20 million in signing bonuses for almost a year. Maintaining control of ...

receipts - [ 7 ]
... heavily on oil. Petroleum production and refining account for more than 60% of Bahrain's export receipts, 70% of government revenues, and 11% of GDP. Other major economic activities are production of ...

receive - [ 23 ]
1 (outer islands receive satellite broadcasts) (2004)

received - [ 46 ]
... macro economy, in 2010, the IMF graduated Rwanda to a Policy Support Instrument (PSI). Rwanda also received a Millennium Challenge Threshold Program in 2008. Africa's most densely populated country is trying ...

receivers - [ 1 ]
... local radio and TV stations; foreign shortwave broadcasts and satellite TV are available to those who can afford antennas and receivers; in rural areas, access to TV broadcasts is extremely limited (2007

receives - [ 15 ]
... British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) are available, as well as TV services for the US military; Tristan da Cunha has 1 local radio station and receives BFBS TV and radio broadcasts (2007

receiving - [ 14 ]
... composed of Kurds and Palestinians; stateless persons are prevented from voting, owning land, holding certain jobs, receiving food subsidies or public healthcare, enrolling in public schools, or being legally married to Syrian ...

recent - [ 99 ]
... volcanism: Reunion Island - Piton de la Fournaise (elev. 2,632 m, ), which has erupted many times in recent years including 2010, is one of the world's most active volcanoes; although rare, eruptions ...

recently - [ 25 ]
... presidential elections in 1996, followed by parliamentary balloting in 1997, completed a nominal return to civilian rule. JAMMEH has been elected president in all subsequent elections including most recently in late 2011

Recep - [ 2 ]
... ODP [Alper TAS] Grand Unity Party or BBP [Yalcin TOPCU] Justice and Development Party or AKP [Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN] Nationalist Movement Party or MHP [Devlet BAHCELI] Peace and Democracy Party or BDP ...

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