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Science: Technology: Civil Engineering

* Abrahamson and Associates - Providing accident reconstruction, structural and civil investigations, land planning, and land surveying services.

* Anderson Associates - Quantity surveying on both building and civil engineering projects and construction dispute resolution management.

* Anil Verma Associates - Architecture and construction management for large transportation and civil projects worldwide.

* Antonelli Metal Structures - Civil building, industrial building,commercial settlement,services station,security sector, agriculture and zootechny and refluent water disposal.

* Arrow Engineering, Civil Engineers- Offering services in land development, land planning, transportation, public works, surveying and consulting to public and private sector clients.

* Arup - Global organization of consulting engineers, planners and project managers working in all areas of the built environment.

* Beta Group - providing technically advanced solutions - An engineering, technology and science firm serving the federal, state, municipal and commercial sectors.

* Bob Isgrigg and Associates - We are a civil engineering and land surveying company located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Performing professional land surveying and civil engineering across Indiana and Kentucky.

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