Love something joins like a bridge I feel
Love bracing air I can breath on a ridge
I’m not a hawker of love I’m always after a girl
You other side of the day I’m your night

What’s wrong with me your kiss can be
The lymph of my poetry
What’s wrong with me I want to be
The best love melody

If you walk to the ridge
I fall to the deep
If I walk you will fall but together

You can move everything tell me
Why this word choose anytime the wrong way
Keep always your eyes on heart
Love for every birth

If you walk to the ridge I fall to the deep
Our love as a bridge we are together

Beautiful all you touch touch me
Shining night in my life ‘cause you’re here

Ices the sensation I feel when you leave
Fire when you choose as your home me


in my heart, in my voice   |   the lake of the ghost   |   eyes of the time

stay inside   |   lullaby   |   friends   |   the sun   |   venum   |   song 2   |   bet(h)

july 22nd, 2002   |   show me the way   |   3/4 of love

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