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Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.

Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.

Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.

all the United Nations country of the world and more with Flags, Maps and about 150 data fields.

Country Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes.

Homeware - the best of "made in Italy" and much more..., Brands, Designers, Products.

the complete directory with more than 200 thousands of windows.

Standard Production - Advanced Electronics - Truth Machine, The world Smallest Radio, Mini Table...

Environment - international agreements
Selected International Environmental Agreements, includes the name, abbreviation, date opened for signature, date entered into force, objective, and parties by category.
matching interests - your interests can be the same as ours.
Evolving xxlarge UNion - thousands of windows on the world - constantly updated.

data fields for all the United Nations country and more. World Records, Dictionary, Graphic bar, Graphic maps, History.

about 200 flags, all the United Nations country and more...

Geographic Names
Cross-Reference List of Geographic Names. It includes a listing of various alternate names, former names, local names, and regional names.

from 2000 for all the Country and all the Fields

Hydrographic Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Hydrographic Data Codes.

International Abbreviations
more than 300 abbreviations and acronyms with their expansions.

International Organizations and Groups
in alphabetical order by abbreviation those international organizations in which the subject country is a member or participates in some other way.

about 500 maps, all the United Nations country and more...

Mathematical Notation
mathematical powers and names.

Metric Interrelationships
prefix; symbol; length, weight, or capacity; area; volume

Stay Inside - the new frontier of the music - free music, rock, lyrics, song, mp3, download, author, rock.

Reference Maps
Maps of all the World (about 500). Arctic Region, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctic Region, United States of America

Ing. Gianfranco Magrini - Science, Engineering, Transportation, Tunnels, Tubo del Lago di Como, Footballpoint...

Title key abbreviation
Adm. = Admiral, Admin. = Administrative, Adv. = Adviser, Asst. = Assistant...

United States of America - Geographic Names
About 2 millions Geographic Names with Maps. Cross-Reference List sorted by: Feature Name, Class, Elevation meters, County, Latitude North > South, Longitude West > East.

Weather satellite image
about 60 Weather satellite image pf all the world

Weights and Measures Conversion Factors
standard conversion factors. - Home of Guitar News Weekly & the 2000 Guitars Database
1000 great GUITAR and MUSIC sites on the Web! Your guide to: guitars, bands, MP3, tablature, resources, software, tuition, music search...

SideSite.Net Music Directory Music Search Engine is a leading music directory search engine / music search engine.

Kid Rock Lyrics Lyrics
The #1 Kid Rock Lyrics Archive

Guitar Solo
Free guitar site for beginners and advanced guitar students. Scales, guitar technique, chops, improvisation tips, CAL programs.

Nighthawks2000 Music - Progressive rock. Band from Lisbon, Maine.

Grover Jones and the Art of Siegecraft - MP3s, music, pictures, lyrics, CDs and dates from this explosive Melbourne blues-rock quartet.

Oppy Music - Fusion of Rock, Jazz, and contemporary classical from progressive composer, Chris Opperman.

PnP's Music Memorabilia - Extensive site offering rock'n'roll posters and a huge collection of 45's, albums and sheet music.

Music is the Best - Photography by Roberto Ugolini. Galleries include classical, jazz, rock, and world.

Grifter's Shed - Features WSUB Radio, playing rock, rap and punk music in streaming MP3.

Jenna Music - News, biographies, sound files, schedule, and photos for the rock band from Los Angeles.

Music X - Hundreds of tabs (tablatures) for drum, bass and guitar for alternative, metal and rock music. MP3 files, links and site reviews, how to read tabs.

Longhair - London, UK rock band. Profiles, music samples, reviews, links, merchandise and contact information. Women of 80s Music - Article detailing the accomplishments of women in pop, rock, new wave, and country music during the 1980s.

Music Is My Life - A lil message board for you to chat about all sorts of music, be it pop, soul, hip-hop, rock, jazz or classical.

1st SPOT Music - Resources on music, classical, popular, country, rock and blues with sections on music business, orchestras and musical instruments

Adirondack Mountain Music Festival - Annual three-day summer camping and music festival in Upstate New York, featuring hip hop, rock, reggae, DJs, jazz, and jam bands. Site provides a schedule, artist profiles, lineup, and ticket information.

Christian Rock - Christian music links with information on bands like Supertones, Dogwood, Five Iron Frenzy, Newsboys, DC Talk, the Insyderz, Jesus Clan, Sick of Change.

Ensemble di Musiche Possibili - Trio from Italy performing a mixture of chamber music, rock, tango, and street music.

CJ's Music Memorabilia - Rock and pop collectibles, 70s and 80s records, tapes, videos, tour memoabilia. (UK)

Whippersnapper - Official homepage of the punk/emo/rock band. Features biography, music samples, tour dates, and news.

St. Jubilee - Houston, Texas based band playing alternative country rock music. Site includes band news, MP3s, merchandise and booking contact information.

Jan's Music Page - Pop, alternative, some classic rock lyrics and Midi's.

UsedWigs Music Reviews - Rock and alt rock reviews.

Luke Sounds Weekly Top 20 - Personal weekly top 20 music chart based on new pop and rock music.

PNPrecords - Includes a history of Russian rock and information on Russian music labels.

Suite 101: Rock Music - News and reviews of current and classic artists.

Hemisphere Music - 100,000 plus collectible indie records, vinyl albums, CDs; record collecting information; rock and alternative music news.

Deep Blue Something - Rock music band site. News, reviews, album information, tour dates, video clips and MP3s available.

Cousins - All original music to include rock, blues, folk, country, and alternative sound.

Big Deal - Chicago based rock band including pictures, information, biographical information, bookings and music. - Pop, rock, and alternative reviews, plus message board and links.

McCloud, Brendan - Information on the debut CD featuring pop, rock, ambient and traditional Celtic music. CD ordering, bio, art, sound clips, and lyrics.

The McCoin's Oldies Music Site - MIDI files of old rock, Scottish, Irish, Israeli, Southern Confederacy and hymns.

NetRock Radio - The high-tech home of rock and alternative music on the Internet, including just about everything from the 70s to today.

WJIM Audio Services - Providing a live weekly Internet radio show playing rock, jazz, blues, pop and alternative music plus talk. MP3 player required for live shows, RealPlayer for archives. Also offering custom audio production.

Rowe, Monk - Jazz, Delta Blues, Swing, Rock and Roll: America's great art forms. This is the music that Monk Rowe knows, loves and plays; and teaches, at workshops for teachers, and innovative educational programs for youths.

Upbringing - Canadian rock band with biography, music, and links.

Edge City Chronicle: Music - News, cd reviews, advanced tour date and ticket presale info for mainstream rock & jazz, with an interactive section that allows users to post news.

Korona, Ray and the Ray Korona Band - Folk and folk rock music with labor, environmental, peace, and activist themes. Free MP3 downloads, photos, lyrics, and biography.

Thorn Hill - Aggressive, progressive hard rock music from Orange County, California. Site includes show dates, reviews, sound files, biographies, and photos.

Her, Lee - Pop/rock blend of Christian music with a touch of Hmong culture.

Felice - The recording artist, music with a unique blend of popular, electronic, dance, rock, her own flavor and style.

Aloha - The official website of Aloha, a free jazz, indie rock, prog rock, post rock band. Progressive music for everyone, a window into great music of the twentieth century, and a very listenable, hip pinnacle for the here and now.

Irie Dingo - Original rock, groove, funk, blues and reggae dance music from this 4 piece band from San Diego. Includes MP3s, CDs, photos, and upcoming events.

Plexus - Christian pop/rock band from Atlanta. Profile, shows, pictures and music samples.

Nuñez, Linda - The Official homepage for Linda Nunez, Her music is "Shoulder Shakin' Rock" combining straight ahead rock music with the sounds and rhythms of her heritage.

Garcia, Jorge - Texas based artist writes and performs latin, pop, rock en Espanol, and electronica dance music in English and Spanish.

Oxymorons - A seriously fun seven piece band which has been exciting audiences in the greater Washington area with its irresistibly danceable blend of blues-rock-funk music.

Encore Rock 'n'Roll Nostalgia - Classic rock'n'roll music concert poster reproductions plus tie-dye t-shirts.

Rock and Roll Eye Candy - The music photography of Stephen Booth, covering many international and Australian artists. Images include concert, publicity, magazine and CD cover photos.

Powerhouse Radio - Internet radio station featuring rhythm and blues artists and rhythmic rock music legends.

Jerling, Michael - Singer/songwriter's Official Site. "New Folk" winner at Kerrville Folk Festival. His music includes elements of blues, rock and country. Album list, song clips, tours schedule and a video.

Heavy and Neo-Classical Rock Music - British rock guitarists who are learning new rock and neo-classical guitar techniques.

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Coins: Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.
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Art: Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.
Computer: Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.
Art: Louis Poyet - un vero maestro dell'arte della moltiplicazione delle immagini per mezzo della stampa.

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