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Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.

Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.

Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.

all the United Nations country of the world and more with Flags, Maps and about 150 data fields.

Country Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes.

Homeware - the best of "made in Italy" and much more..., Brands, Designers, Products.

the complete directory with more than 200 thousands of windows.

Standard Production - Advanced Electronics - Truth Machine, The world Smallest Radio, Mini Table...

Environment - international agreements
Selected International Environmental Agreements, includes the name, abbreviation, date opened for signature, date entered into force, objective, and parties by category.
matching interests - your interests can be the same as ours.
Evolving xxlarge UNion - thousands of windows on the world - constantly updated.

data fields for all the United Nations country and more. World Records, Dictionary, Graphic bar, Graphic maps, History.

about 200 flags, all the United Nations country and more...

Geographic Names
Cross-Reference List of Geographic Names. It includes a listing of various alternate names, former names, local names, and regional names.

from 2000 for all the Country and all the Fields

Hydrographic Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Hydrographic Data Codes.

International Abbreviations
more than 300 abbreviations and acronyms with their expansions.

International Organizations and Groups
in alphabetical order by abbreviation those international organizations in which the subject country is a member or participates in some other way.

about 500 maps, all the United Nations country and more...

Mathematical Notation
mathematical powers and names.

Metric Interrelationships
prefix; symbol; length, weight, or capacity; area; volume

Stay Inside - the new frontier of the music - free music, rock, lyrics, song, mp3, download, author, rock.

Reference Maps
Maps of all the World (about 500). Arctic Region, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctic Region, United States of America

Ing. Gianfranco Magrini - Science, Engineering, Transportation, Tunnels, Tubo del Lago di Como, Footballpoint...

Title key abbreviation
Adm. = Admiral, Admin. = Administrative, Adv. = Adviser, Asst. = Assistant...

United States of America - Geographic Names
About 2 millions Geographic Names with Maps. Cross-Reference List sorted by: Feature Name, Class, Elevation meters, County, Latitude North > South, Longitude West > East.

Weather satellite image
about 60 Weather satellite image pf all the world

Weights and Measures Conversion Factors
standard conversion factors.

Flashback Radio - High and low-bandwidth streaming 80s rock, pop, new wave, and dance hits. With weekly countdown shows, message boards, syndicated music news, and live requests.

Dust Music - Rock CD-Collection, Index und Diskographie aus 10 Jahren Musikproduktion mit Bandinfos , MP3 download etc.

Taylor Brothers Band - The band's repertoire of music includes a large variety of standard and Top 40 Country/Western, Classic and Top40 Rock and Roll, and a variety of Tejano music.

Cosmopolis Music Archives - CD and concert reviews as well as biographies in the fields of pop, rock, jazz and classical music.

The History of Rock and Roll - Examines the golden decade 1954 through 1963. Comprehensive coverage of many styles, from soul and rock to girl groups and hot rod music. Includes record companies, performers, disc jockeys, photos, audio files and technology of the era.

The Case Against Pop and Rock - Explores the limitations of pop and rock music and their sociological implications.

Rock River Communications - Services includes creating music collections for retail sale, gift with purchase, or promotional use, and other multimedia programming.

Badpenny Music - British alternative rock label. Artists include Burdock, Deluxe, and Dip. Band biographies, catalog, gig guide.

Rock 'n' Roots Radio - A weekly one hour music program, featuring rediscovered and new folk, jazz, swing, blues, country, rock, R&B and other styles from the 1920's through to today.

RockRage - Music Fonts - Fonts of favorite rock bands.

Rock Out Censorship - Fighting censors of popular music. Contains information on the organization, lists 'friends' and 'enemies' of the fight, and outlines how you can help.

The original 'rock music' - Many Stone Age relics lying in our museums might not simply be tools but could also be musical instruments.

Coolfun Live Music - I CoolFun vi invitano a seguirli nel mondo della musica rock. Recensioni, novità e altro. Pagine personali dei componenti. Mailing list.

Rock Music: Why Good Vibrations May Be Bad - Article on how rock, rap and heavy metal music affect the physical body and the light within.

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar Rock - Offers lyrics and downloadable music files.

Hard Rock Cafe - International chain offered as cafes, hotels and casinos. Provides information on live music, merchandise and membership.

Rock On TV - A database of music on television. Search by date, television station, title and genre, or scan the listings.

Future Music School - Private Gesamtschule fúr Popularmusik mit Sitz in Aschaffenburg (Bayern) fúr musikalische Frúherziehung (3 Altersklassen), Instrumental- und Vokaltraining (Rock, Pop, Jazz), Intensivestudium fúr angehende Berufsmusiker.

Santa's Pixies Know How to Rock - Humorous holiday music. Free MP3 downloads.

Pop Music - A list of various pop songs recorded in the 70s (most linked to lyrics). Categories: Pop and Easy Listening, Dance & R&B, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock in a Hard Place.

Antigua Bay Music - Contemporary jazz band that blends Afro-Latin, smooth jazz, and rock into a warm tropical beach sound. Offers artwork, midi songs, and contact.

Rock'n Robin - Music themed merchandise including magnets, mouse pads, dog bandanas, and jewelry.

More Than Music - Reviews, news, interviews, links, biographies, and discographies from genres such as progressive rock, AOR, melodic rock, metal, soul, blues

Bangla Alternative Rock Band - Bangla band based in Chicago. Plays a hybrid music between Bangladeshi local band music and world class rock music.

Dreamscape Music Group - Tempe, Arizona hard rock and heavy metal label. Artists include Audiogasm, Picture Perfect, Velocity, and Westworld. News, tour dates, forum, artist pages.

Bogside Rogues - Irish rock band, styles ranging from ballads to rebel songs and traditional dance music. Biography, links, schedule, contact information and mailing list.

The Rock World - A music site with hard rock, alternative and metal band profiles, lyrics, and discographies, poems, sound files, and links.

Eversonic Music - Great CDs for sale from an eclectic variety of independent artists with styles ranging from jazz, new age, swing and rock.

DNR - Funky rock band based in San Antonio, Texas playing original music with funny lyrics about subtle sexual themes.

Confliction - Official website of the hard-rock band includes concert listings, pictures, and music.

Big City Band - Provides rhythm and blues and blues music entertainment in South Florida. Performing at club, corporate, festival and concert venues they rock every event with style and great stage presence.

Monsters At Play Music - Pop/rock reviews and a message board.

Metal Sky Craz - Traditional rock music with saxophone. Free MP3 files, band information.

TinyDancer's Realm of Magical Midi Music - Free rock, pop, and classic songs, listed alphabetically by title.

The Progressive Rock Radio Network - Features both new and old progressive rock music, information, artists and several MP3 streams with different focuses in the genre.

CyberstationUSA - A Destiny Media Player stream featuring anything from astrology talk to progressive rock music. Also providing people with an opportunity to increase their knowledge of radio broadcasting and break into an on-air position.

Radio Junkies - Acoustic infused pop/rock duo from New Hampshire provides their biography, music, pictures, products, and contacts.

Under Estimated - Philadelphia based rock band. Includes photographs, lyrics and music, news and information for upcoming shows and biographies of the members.

RoaR - The online Rock Community from the Lowlands - A metal/rock e-zine with reviews, band information, music, polls and links.

Kenin - Music lyrics, appearances, articles, and personal insight into the members of the acoustic rock group.

Takunda - Local Canberra, Australia band playing a wide range of music including grunge, metal, heavy rock, punk, and ska. Gig guide, pictures, and biography.

Hargis, Dave - Southern country-rock artist. Provides a biography, reviews and music clips.

Faith Nation - A melodic rock band making a mark on music history in Europe and now the U.S.

Ace Diamond Bimbos - Homepage for Seattle's lords of the new rock-- the Ace Diamond Bimbos. Punk/hardrock music

Ian Crockett Band - Chicago modern rock band. Profiles, show dates, images, music, and multimedia.

Prasanna - Accomplished jazz guitarist/composer integrating South Indian classical carnatic music with classical Western, jazz, rock, and blues. News, profile, media and pictures.

Nineteen Wheels - Alt-rock / pop music from East Lansing, Michigan.

Gargantua Soul - Multi-faceted rock music, hip hop, funk, groove metal rock band from New Haven, CT.

Opposition Party - San Diego based rock and roll band. Download music, pictures, and view tour dates.

Infinity 1 Online Rock Catalog - Rock t-shirts, posters, imported CDs, videos, stickers, and other music collectibles and memorabilia .

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Coins: Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.
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Art: Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.
Computer: Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.
Art: Louis Poyet - un vero maestro dell'arte della moltiplicazione delle immagini per mezzo della stampa.

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