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Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.

Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.

Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.

all the United Nations country of the world and more with Flags, Maps and about 150 data fields.

Country Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes.

Homeware - the best of "made in Italy" and much more..., Brands, Designers, Products.

the complete directory with more than 200 thousands of windows.

Standard Production - Advanced Electronics - Truth Machine, The world Smallest Radio, Mini Table...

Environment - international agreements
Selected International Environmental Agreements, includes the name, abbreviation, date opened for signature, date entered into force, objective, and parties by category.
matching interests - your interests can be the same as ours.
Evolving xxlarge UNion - thousands of windows on the world - constantly updated.

data fields for all the United Nations country and more. World Records, Dictionary, Graphic bar, Graphic maps, History.

about 200 flags, all the United Nations country and more...

Geographic Names
Cross-Reference List of Geographic Names. It includes a listing of various alternate names, former names, local names, and regional names.

from 2000 for all the Country and all the Fields

Hydrographic Data Codes
Cross-Reference List of Hydrographic Data Codes.

International Abbreviations
more than 300 abbreviations and acronyms with their expansions.

International Organizations and Groups
in alphabetical order by abbreviation those international organizations in which the subject country is a member or participates in some other way.

about 500 maps, all the United Nations country and more...

Mathematical Notation
mathematical powers and names.

Metric Interrelationships
prefix; symbol; length, weight, or capacity; area; volume

Stay Inside - the new frontier of the music - free music, rock, lyrics, song, mp3, download, author, rock.

Reference Maps
Maps of all the World (about 500). Arctic Region, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctic Region, United States of America

Ing. Gianfranco Magrini - Science, Engineering, Transportation, Tunnels, Tubo del Lago di Como, Footballpoint...

Title key abbreviation
Adm. = Admiral, Admin. = Administrative, Adv. = Adviser, Asst. = Assistant...

United States of America - Geographic Names
About 2 millions Geographic Names with Maps. Cross-Reference List sorted by: Feature Name, Class, Elevation meters, County, Latitude North > South, Longitude West > East.

Weather satellite image
about 60 Weather satellite image pf all the world

Weights and Measures Conversion Factors
standard conversion factors.

Boston Exposure - Gallery of Boston rock band photos, covering concerts at local live music venues.

KSUN - Playing DJ-hosted punk, reggae, indie, hip-hop electronic, rock and other non-mainstream music shows. See site for schedule.

Jetta and the Jellybeans - Theatrical light rock music for children of all ages.

Hot Rock Guitar - Favorite tab, equipment and music links from a Tennessee guitarist/bassist.

Leadvein - London based rock band. Biography, pictures and music downloads.

Sorrenti, Jenny - A celtic rock composer from Italy. Her site includes CD information, music clips, and a photo gallery.

House of Shred - A message board for discussing the world's top guitar wizards, and traditional guitar-oriented rock music in general.

Musical Note - A guide to concerts, rock, jazz, blues or dance clubs, musical instruments, bands, and online music.

Ross International Festival - Features a unique mix of music, offering rock, pop, opera, and jazz; poetry, literature and dance. Held annually in August in Ross-on-Wye, UK. Site includes ticket information, line-up, and news.

The Glorious Rise of Christian Pop - Newsweek article by Lorraine Ali about Christian rock and pop music and concerts.

Epicenta - Australian rock band. Band news, forum and music samples available.

Carri's Music - Collectible records (LPs, 45s, 78s, and EPs) from 1920s to 1990s. Pop, rock & roll, jazz, soul, disco, country, classical, soundtracks.

World's Greatest Band - Metal-goth rock music band. Site features MP3s, CD information and fanclub information.

Steamroller - Hard and heavy rock and roll band from CA. Information, music, news, mp3s and articles.

Music Net Lyrics - Hundreds of lyrics to recent hit songs from many genres including rock, punk, rap, and metal. Bands ranging in alphabetical order.

Entertainment Multiple - Reviews of prog rock, jazz, alternative and classical music CDs. Directly linked to

Edge Online Top Music List - Voting for dance, rock, rap, pop songs, artists and albums.

Rik Walton Music and Theatre Photography - A collection from photographs of rock, jazz and folk musicians, from 1970 to the present.

Infinite Number of Sounds - Project creating music in styles as broad and eclectic as the name implies, ranging from rock to electronic to jazz and all things in-between. With news, background, and link to artist site for sound files.

Astron Music - Pennsylvania psychedelic, new age, industrial-pop and rock label. Artists include David Guras and Digital Buddha. MP3s, e-store, links.

Lost In The 80's Music Trades - Collection of Glam,Sleeze,Metal and Rock from the 80's and early 90's, CDR and Video shows.

ShocK-Proof Records - New York City based independent record label specializing in pop/rock/alternative music.

Tommos Bootlegs - Rock music bootlegs

Seventh Day Band - Blues, rock and pop tunes. Preview music or contact Toni Otts for local bookings in the Jackson, Mississippi area.

All Music Guide: Reggae - Brief introduction to the Jamaican music style and related ones such as dub, ska, ragga, dancehall, rocksteady, and lovers rock.

Two Sheds Music - Atlanta-based label specializing in indie rock and emo bands based in the Southeastern United States.

RCN Networks - Featuring a classic rock stream, an alternative rap and rock music stream, a fine arts and classical stream, and a country music stream.

Jacky Tar - A Celtic folk-rock music band based in New Zealand. With background, gig dates, member profiles, MP3s and links. guide to Classic Rock Tablature - Links to classic Rock tabs, chords and sheet music, from

White Eagle Records - British Rock music label promoting British & American artists, and featuring Barbara McDonald & John Perkins in a unique transatlantic CD production "Madmen & Lovers" using the internet. Confusing web interface, but good sound files!

Vinyl Baby - Topping the charts with its original brand of modern pop/rock music. Visit their site to hear the latest releases.

Speck Seven - Christian Rock Band, spreading God's word through music. New CD 'Receiver' now on sale produced by David Rashed.

Rock of Ages Radio - Modern Christian music and a message of Biblical truth. Artist links, photo gallery, and great music LIVE 24/7 from our Canadian studios.

The CliffNotes - Music for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Styles include R&B, Soul, Swing, Ballroom, Big Band, Jazz, Rock, and Reggae.

Shevonne, Colleen - Singer and songwriter performing pop, rock and rhythm and blues. Includes news, biography, music samples a photo gallery, and a list of links.

Musik Centur Online - Offers a full selection of Pop, Classical, Jazz, Country, Rock, or any other genre of music for all sorts of instruments.

Quasars - Official site for the Italian band, performing space rock music in the style of the '70s and '80s.

Sodomania - All about the hardcore industrial glam rock: free mp3 music and photos.

Rock in Beat Records - German label re-releasing garage and beat music from the 1960's on CD. Catalog and online store.

Carlin America - Independent music publishing conglomerate, with a catalog of pop, rock, country, showtune and standard songs.

Crossroads - A rock n' roll and country music show featuring national and local artists. On Western Carolina University's WWCU 90.5 FM.

e-Rock -N- Roll - Samples of Greg and Rick's music, and links of interest to musicians.

Rock Wisdom - Over 7,000 song quotes, quotations, and lyrics from popular music. Navigate by search engine or categories.

Searock Music Wavs - A collection of classic rock and some newer rock wav clips.

Taylor Brothers Band - Repertoire includes country/western, classic rock and roll, and a variety of Tejano music. Includes new, photos, biographies and calendar.

Bone Daddy - Chicago based rock cover band. Contains biography, music, lyrics, schedule, merchandise, and photographs.

Fabulous Feedback Band, The - Londons covers band playing rock, popular and independent music from all eras.

Sunspot - Pictures, music, lyrics, news and merchandise from America's last hope for rock and roll.

Siren - A rock band from Portsmouth, Ohio that is spreading the message of Jesus Christ through loud Christian music.

Vortex Music Productions - Home of the composer Lee Sykes, that produces music for the media, ranging from Classical, Dance, and Rock. Site includes biography, music and video examples.

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Coins: Private Collection by coinpc - World Coins - Medals, Rare and not, more than 700 pics.
Science: Ing. Gianfranco Magrini - Science, Engineering, Transportation, Tubo del Lago di Como, Footballpoint...
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Electronics: Standard Production - Advanced Electronics - Truth Machine, The world Smallest Radio, Mini Table...
Art: Mario Radice - Grande esponente dell'astrattismo italiano. Pittore, scultore e cultore di problemi d'architettura.
Computer: Storia del Computer - Quattro secoli di storia con oltre 1000 immagini.
Art: Louis Poyet - un vero maestro dell'arte della moltiplicazione delle immagini per mezzo della stampa.

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